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The best part about adopting out our fosters is hearing how well they are doing in their new homes.


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There is nothing so rewarding as getting pictures and updates from our adopters.  THANK YOU so much for sending updates!  I'm working on a way to post all the wonderful picture updates that I get, too.

~ Recently Adopted ~

Daisy, adopted--she's done nursing her kittens (born 4/24/09), a young, and very sweet, dark gray tabby.

Walker, adopted, a four year old male coonhound that needs a loving home where he can get the attention and care that he needs.

Boy Puppy, is now named Cody.  A super cute and fluffy 4 month old Lhasa/Shih/Peke mix.  "He really loves it outside in the grass and greets every kid that comes to play.  He thinks everyone is here to see him.  He is really a great puppy."

Rubi, a sweet black female dog with a Looooong body and short legs!  "Rubi is a keeper...She and Buster play so well together." 

McKinley, A 6 year old sweet Great Pyrenees. 

Daisy's kittens, THREE: one light colored, and two dark gray tabbies.  Born 4/24/09.  These cute little babies are all adopted!

Morris, a little orange tabby that came to us as a day old bottle kitten.  His new name is Calvin.

Biscuit, a young male tuxedo kitty.

Peaches, a friendly and lazy 9 month old calico kitty.

Reba, a tiny and fiesty red female chi/pom female adult.  "Reba is an absolute doll.  I love having her!"

Tanzie, a female Border Collie mix 7 month old puppy.

Betsy, a sweet little 10 week old female Border Collie/Basset puppy.  "She’s getting big, but not huge, and is definitely part of the “family”. She is still very sweet and has lots of personality. Very smart!"

Carmen,  A tiny little blonde female chi/pom female adult.  Now named Harper!  "I just wanted to let you know that Harper is doing so great. She has really become comfortable and we are starting to see more and more of her personality, and its very funny! She is actually a pretty spunky and spirited girl."

Cookie, a 12 week old basset/beagle puppy.

Dozer, 3 year old male Great Dane.

Lilly, a 3 year old buff Cocker Spaniel female.

Big Guy

Butter Kitty



Fozzie Bear  "We love him immensely!:)"

Buddy  "He's just one of the guys"


Rufus  "He's a joy to have here!!!"

Anya  "She is really amazing, very curious and doesn't miss a thing. I think she could be one of those cats that opens doors & drawers. She watches everything I do."

Delilah  "She is definantly a keeper and fitting into our family very well!!!!!"

Nikolai  "Wow, did you say he was SHY??? Not any more!  He greets everyone at the door and runs our house.  We LOVE him."  

Veronica  "She is getting more beautiful as the days go by.   Her coat is lovely."

Buttercup   "That is one awesome little cat - I am so glad we all found each other!"

Diamond  "We love her!"

Sugar Baby   Sugar is doing great in her new home, and she and her new sister, Suki, are inseparable.  "Sugar is a sweet, wonderful, well-behaved little girl.  We love her so much!  We can only hope she's as delighted with us as we are with her."  


Sugar Britches  Here's a little note we got from Sugar Britches..."I just wanted you all to know  how happy I am in my new home. It is warm and I get plenty to eat and about all the loving that I can take. these two people and their little Foxy (dog) has really made me welcome.  We are having a great time."  

Beep  She is so precious!  She's sweet & loving, but also quite spunky.


Balto  "I call him our goof ball because he does silly things.  He'll run to me, I turn him over on his back and rub his tummy, then turn him back over on his feet and push him and run and he runs all around the house and comes back again for the same routine.  Thank you so much for letting us adopt him."

Bobby Jo   

Jenna  "Suzy, we love [her] so much.  I can't imagine a more perfect dog for us.  Fate is a beautiful thing, isn't it!!!  And, amazingly, I see so many of the wonderful traits I loved about our other [dog] in this beautiful puppy.  I can really feel that we have the spirit of both dogs with us now.  When I pet her and look into her eyes, I see the love she has for us too.  It makes me feel so good....unconditional love.



Missy  "She is very sweet and loves to sit on our lap and be petted. My kids love her!"

Mulligan and Bogey (Adopted Together!!)  "They are wonderful and getting along great with our cat."

Pico and De Gallo (Adopted Together!!) "The kittens have made their way into the hearts of all of us here."

Naomi (aka Tillie)  "You couldn't have picked a better pet for me!" 

 ~ Adopted Previously ~

Abbie the Yellow Lab

Darlin' Dixie