Adoption Process


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Have you seen a pet on our Available Companion Pets page, and want to take the next step?  Please complete and submit our online application:

Canine Adoption Application   or   Feline Adoption Application


Our next step is a "Meet & Greet", when you get a chance to see our available companion pet in person.  We are not a public shelter, so we don't have set hours or a specific location for you to "come see everyone".  We don't have pets in cages, with isles that you walk down to pick out a pet.  Our foster pets are living in our homes, as family members.  Our foster homes are all over Kansas City.  If you would like to meet one of our available companion pets, we will set up a time and place for you to spend some time getting to know them.  We prefer to bring the pet to your home, because we feel like this is less stressful on the pet than meeting in a public place.  Sometimes a "Meet & Greet" will end with a Trial Adoption, which means you are able to spend additional time with the companion pet in your home. 

Trial Adoption


When we all agree that this is the right pet for you, we will complete the adoption process with an Adoption Contract and Adoption Fee.  At that time, we will also get you the Vetwork and Rabies Tag/Certificate.

Adoption Contract