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A place to get some information about 
pet health, diseases, vaccinations, and basic grooming.*

If you are searching for information about something specific that is not addressed here, please email me, and I will try to find an answer for you.  Then I will post your topic, so others can benefit.

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The following articles were put together with the intent to share our experiences, as well as the experiences of others, with fellow pet owners.  

If you have a pet with an urgent medical problem, contact your veterinarian immediately.  If it is an after-hours emergency, contact your local emergency veterinarian.  Most veterinarians will leave an emergency number on their answering machines for after-hours emergencies.  If you do not have a veterinarian, look in your local phone directory under "Veterinarians" or "Veterinary Clinics and Hospitals".



Internal Parasites

Nail Trimming