I LOVE this picture of Anya!!


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Update:  Anya will be going on a trial adoption 11/5/08.  She is doing great and gaining weight slowly but surely.  She's so talkative that it's hard to get a picture of her with her mouth shut!  She loves to curl up between me and the keyboard, half asleep on her back.  Anya (whose new name will be Zinnia) is very social and curious about everything around her.  I believe she will be petite, and she has dainty little feet.

I have switched her to kibble only, and she's doing great on it.  She eats great, uses the litterbox great, and is getting along with everyone in the house.  She's still a little nervous around the big dog, but is non-confrontational about it.


Anya is a GORGEOUS six to eight month old lynx point siamese kitty.   She and her siblings (Nikolai and Veronica) had a rough start at life, with a VERY near miss at death by euthanasia.  If not for the compassion of a dedicated vet, these three beautiful kitties would be dead.  As it is, they are very starved...for attention as well as food. 

All three kitties have the most beautiful markings.  Most lynx points I have been around are a blue-grey color, with stripes on their points, and striped on their forehead, legs and tail.  These kitties are all marked that way, but the color is almost charcoal.  It's a beautiful dark color, contrasting beautifully with their unmarked white body.  Their coloring is very rich and stunning.  While Anya and Nikolai have short hair, their sister Veronica has a Balinese length coat with a bushy tail and tips on her ears.  Just gorgeous kitties.

These little kitties are very thin, with their little backbones very prominent.  I am feeding them Eagle Pack Holistic kibble, and canned food in the morning and evening.  I will send a case of canned food with each of them.  They will put on weight, but they need someone that will make sure they have food in their bowl every day.  They need someone that will love them and give them the chance to be a companion.

The two little girl kitties, Anya and Veronica, are very friendly.  They will come right up and rub against you, begging for love and affection.  They purr all the time, and like to roll around.  Nikolai is still scared, and needs someone to be patient with him while he learns to trust again.  he isn't unfriendly, he's just not sure you aren't going to hurt him.   He doesn't bite or hiss, he just doesn't come right up like Anya and Veronica.  He will warm up, but it takes him a little while because he has been neglected.  As young as they are, they will forget their sad start to life and appreciate a good warm home and a full bowl all the more.  If you are looking for a new companion, and want to help one in need, please consider one or more of these little kitties.  They need to be companions, and will give you back so much more than you expect.

They have been spayed/neutered, have their rabies, FVRCP and Bordetella.  They tested negative for FIV and Feline Leukemia.  They have been treated with Advantage as a precaution.  They are using their litterbox without fail, and their stools are normal.  They tested negative for internal parasites and have been wormed as a precaution.

If you would like more information about Anya, email