Adopted with Mulligan


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Mulligan and Bogey were adopted together on 9/2/08!  These two brothers are now living with a couple in Joplin, Missouri.  They had just lost their 18 year old siamese.  Their daughter, Jenny, who lives here in KC, said "I've never seen them so excited!".  I LOVE THAT!  I'm so glad they were able to stay together. 

Bogey's pre-adoption bio...

More pictures here...

 Bogey is a 13 month old perfect seal point male siamese.  His brother, Mulligan, is also listed.  They have been well loved, but their owner has severe knee problems and can no longer get down the stairs to take care of them, much less bend down to scoop their litterbox.

Bogey has the apple shaped head.  I call it the "Pink Panther" face, because it's rather squared off at the muzzle, and longer, with prominent cheekbones.  He is stocky and has a very black face with darker fur.  He is a bit shy at first, but warms up and is quite a talker.  He loves attention and will run around after you, chasing you.  He's got a fabulous personality and both he and his brother like to roll around a lot. 

He eats well.  He lets his owner trim his claws so she did not declaw him.  Bogey would make a great pet for a single person, or a family.  He just needs some warm-up time.