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More pictures and VIDEOS here...  http://s286.photobucket.com/albums/ll116/CompanionPetRescue/Buddy/ As a point of reference, there is a little 20# dog, Dixie, as well as an 80# yellow lab, Biscuit.  Buddy is great with little Dixie, as you can see in the picture where she is giving him a kiss right on the mouth!

Update on Buddy: 

Are you wanting the temperament of a lab, but not the size?  Would you like to have a good and faithful dog, but not all the trouble of a puppy?   Buddy might be just what you are looking for!  He's got a big blocky head, but his legs are shorter and smaller than a normal lab.  He wags his tail all the time! 

Buddy has come to my house to be fostered.  He's very sweet and needs a companion to attach himself to.  Since his owner passed away, Buddy has been taken care of by family members, but it's obvious that he was lonely.  He was confused and wants to know where his owner went, but he's a good boy and not interested in running off to find her.  He is off-leash 100% of the time at our home.  He is having a great time, running around and smelling things.  He would make a great indoor/outdoor dog, or indoor dog.  He lays around and doesn't cause trouble.  He's just a great dog.

Buddy has been vetted, and is now neutered, heartworm tested negative, has his rabies, canine vaccination, and bordetella.  He has been flea/tick treated as a preventative.  No fleas or ticks were visible.  He weighs 52#, and is about 5 years old.

Buddy is in great shape, although he was tired after a couple miles of running around with our yellow lab.  He likes other dogs, and is submissive in the face of one particularly crabby yellow lab that I know (and love)!  Actually, he's submissive to people, too.  He will come to you, but lay down and wait for you to come the rest of the way to pet him.  The vet that did his surgery called and said "He is SO sweet".  Then she proceeded to tell me how much he likes his belly rubbed.  Yes, Buddy is a sweet boy.

Buddy has a very blocky head, but his legs are a little shorter than a regular lab, so he's smaller in stature than a normal male labrador, which is kind of nice.  You get the lovely adult lab temperament, but not the big body.  Not that Buddy is a small dog, but he's a medium size, rather than a large size. 


For more information about Buddy, email Suzy@CompanionPetRescue.com.

See more information about his adoption process here... Adoption Process.