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Sampson a 4 year old neutered male Great Pyrenees.  He is SUPER sweet, but a little timid at times.  He gets along well with other dogs & cats too.  He is very friendly with all people, but I think he would do better in a home without small children since he can be timid.  He needs a quiet home with patient owners who use positive reinforcement/encouragement with him.  He likes treats...who doesn't?  ;o)  He walks well on a leash, enjoys car rides, knows Sit, Down & Come.  He's smart, so he could be taught many other things easily with a kind hand & treats.   He can be a little stubborn about Come when he's outside & interested in a new smell or something.  I would highly recommend he be kept in a fenced back yard or on a leash at all times.  He would love to go to a home with another dog to play with, but he's pretty much a couch potato most of the time.  He tends to "fade into the background" if there is more than one dog around & they are playing. 

Also, he had a problem with dry, irritated skin (not quite hot spots) & we've had him tested for allergies & thyroid but nothing was found.  I finally started adding some vegetable oil into his food and he's doing great now!  He will drool sometimes, especially when he gets excited or hot, or when he drinks, but it's not all the time.  Again, I can't explain what a sweet & loveable dog Sampson is & we'd love to see him go to a quiet home where he'd get lots of attention and have a buddy to play with.