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This little 12 week old puppy is one smart COOKIE! So cute! She knows to sit when we come in from potty breaks and she's learned to come when we call her. She loves to sleep with us, but is doing great at crate training. Cookie will probably be a small to medium size dog, but there's really no way of knowing. She looks very beagle-y in her back end and those ears! But her nose is all basset!

Cookie loves playing with other dogs, and will stop and wait....then pounce on the cat as he gallops by her. She's so very cute.
Cookie is a PUPPY. She will need constant supervision and training so that she will grow up to be a good and social dog. She is not housetrained, but does very well when we take her out routinely (every 45 minutes).
If you are interested in Cookie, please email She will be spayed sometime in the next week. Her adoption fee will be the cost of her vetwork, which should be around $75, and will include her first 2 shots, worming, spay, and rabies.