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It sounds like Rubi is having a wonderful time in Colorado with her new family, and most importantly her new canine brother, Buster!  Yay Rubi!

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Years ago, I had a wonderful and loyal companion dog named Rubi. I called her "Rooby Dooby Doo". She was long bodied and short legged. She followed me everywhere and I loved her dearly. When Rubi passed away, I looked all over for a long bodied, short legged black dog. Now, 9 years later...a long bodied, short legged black dog has come into our rescue. I knew the moment I looked into this sweet girl's warm brown eyes that we had to name her "Rubi". And what a great dog Rubi is! She's certainly long bodied and short legged, and she has that same loyal and happy demeanor of her namesake. She is some sort of mix (labrador with basset/corgi/dachshund?), with beautiful glossy black short hair. Well, maybe medium hair. Not short hair like a basenji, so maybe more like a lab, with a beautiful and healthy shine. She weighs 25# and is full grown. Her face looks very much like a lab, but small. She has a thin tongue, (which throws off the idea that she's a lab or a basset!), and a dachshund underbite. Her perky ears look just like a black lab, and are in perfect proportion to her face. She has lovely brown eyes--very human. Her body is that of a small lab, and very muscled. She has a lab tail that wags ALL the time. And she smiles. She loves to be talked to, and will look right at you, wagging her tail. Then we come to her legs....ah, what can I say? They're short. Although they look like a basset's legs, she doesn't have the size of a basset--which can be a very big dog. When she jumps (straight up, in the presence of treats), you can see that she is very athletic. So that makes me think her shortness comes from being a corgi. Corgis are very athletic. But there is something very dachshund-like about her, too. Not sure what the mix is, but she's full grown, so what you see is what you get! She was spayed on Firday the 3rd. She may or may not have had a litter of puppies in the past. I would guess that she has, but her body isn't saggy like a dog that has had maybe not. She is fully recovered from her surgery and is doing great. She has no health problems and is active and very social. Now, the most significant thing about Rubi is her personality. She's just fabulous. You can quickly see that she is a friendly girl. She wags her tail all the time, and doesn't seem to know a stranger. She loves to curl up next to me on the bed while I read. One night, she had her chin resting on my shoulder, sound asleep while I was reading. She's so very sweet. She gets along great with all the dogs. She would really like to play with our cat ...but he is simply not interested. He does, however, like to rub against Rubi's chin. You can tell from Rubi's expression that she's baffled by this strange animal that is getting too personal with her!
Rubi is just obviously a great dog. A great size for an indoor dog, and great for little kids. Rubi rides perfectly in the car and loves to go for a ride. She goes to work with me every day, and jumps right in. When we get to work, she comes right out, then goes right to the front door. She greets everyone, then curls up in a bed that's too small for her and sleeps the day away. She only wakes up when someone comes in. Then she will wag her tail and ask for them to rub her tummy. From the very first day, she went right up to the mailman when he came into our office. She gets her lovin, and a treat, then she comes back to sit by me at my desk. She strikes me as a very loyal companion. Everyone immediately sees how friendly she is, and she's made many friends during her workdays.
I haven't let her off-leash, because that takes awhile for me to decide if they are THAT trustworthy. But she wants to stay with me, so my guess is that she will be the type of dog that will be fine like that, once she knows who her "people" are. She's great in the house, and sleeps on our bed perfectly. She knows when it's bedtime, and will come jump on the bed, then curl up to sleep the night without bathroom trips.  
Rubi doesn't have the typical young lab wildness. She does like toys, and likes to play with them with my dog. Every once in awhile, she'll get wound up and run laps around the house, but most of the time she's just pretty laid back. She's calm and sweet, and a very happy, smiley girl. If you would like more information about Rubi, please email To learn more about our adoption process, and to fill out an online application, go to