Daisy's Kittens


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All of Daisy's kittens have been adopted!

New Pictures posted 4-29-09! The kittens are growing and doing great!

4-24-09 Daisy had her kittens! Sweet little Daisy came into our rescue on 4/17, after being left in a box at Petsmart. She was very pregnant, and hungry for food and attention. The vet examined her and said she had "about a week, maybe two.". Well, one week later, she's had her kittens. There are three: one light colored, and two dark gray tabbies. She's being a very good momma and cleaning them while purring loudly and kneading her paws. She was also kind enough to take in our little orange bottle baby, Morris. So Daisy had three kittens, but she has four! You can see Daisy and her kittens on her online photo album here... http://picasaweb.google.com/suzycentri/DaisyAndKittens?feat=directlink Daisy's kittens will not be ready for adoption until after they have been spayed/neutered and weaned. I am expecting to make them available after June 19th. Please email Suzy@CompanionPetRescue.com for more information about Daisy or her kittens.