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Little Morris is waiting to grow big enough, but then he will be going to live in his new home! His new name is Calvin, and he will have a cute calico friend named Hobbes to play with!

New Pictures posted 4-29-09! The kittens are growing and doing great!

Take a peek at little baby Morris (and his adopted siblings) on his online photo album. (He's the orange one!)

Little bottle baby Morris came to us on 4-18 after being found in someone's attic. He was all alone, hungry, screaming, and had some abrasions on his little chest...probably from being dragged through the insulation by his irresponsible momma. His eyes were still closed, and his ears were still tight to his head. He took right to the bottle (thank goodness!), and hasn't stopped eating! Now that our foster kitty Daisy has had her babies, Morris now has a real cat momma to call his own. He is thriving and loves his new siblings.

Morris' eyes are open, and he is moving around a lot. His chest is healing nicely, and the scabs are coming off. 
Morris has very curly hair. I don't believe he is a rex, but he may end up with medium length fur. It will be interesting to see what he ends up looking like. Now that we have Daisy's kittens to compare him to, he definitely looks different! Morris will not be available until he is weaned and neutered. I expect to make him available for adoption after June 20. For more information about Morris, email