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Update! Little Boy Puppy is now named Cody and is happily living with his new family! Yay Cody!

Little Boy Puppy doesn't have a name yet! This little 4 month old puppy is some sort of a Lhasa/Shih mix, maybe Peke? He's got a rather flat Peke face. He's a cutie, for sure! Check out his online photo album:

This little puppy came to us from a family that can no longer take care of him due to a recently diagnosed health problem. He's a real sweetie, and just needs someone to call his own.

This little boy is not yet neutered, but as soon as everything is in place (dropped into place), he will be. He can be adopted before that occurs, but he must be neutered before he is 8 months old--either by CPR or by his adopter. He is only about 4 months old (according to the vet), so he's got some time to finish growing. He weighs about 8 pounds. His fur is so soft and fluffy. His tail wags all the time. He's very happy, and when nothing exciting is going on, he just flops down and waits. If you are interested in adopting this little puppy, please complete an online application here...,canine. If you have questions, please email