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 Walker Hound, Male, in desperate need of a home.

This is a Courtesy Post for a dog in need. Our rescue has no room to foster him, so he is being fostered by someone that watched as he was neglected, finally putting her foot down and taking the dog away from the neglectful situation. This is his story: "Rescue Situation: Dog was picked up as a stray about a month ago. His new owner will not take care of him. He has no kennel, outdoor run or doghouse. He is allowed to roam free night and day. He is very afraid of thunderstorms and comes to my house and jumps in the fence. We have taken him home more times than we can count, and asked that he be kenneled or tied out (and of course suggested that the dog be taken in doors due to his extreme fear of thunder). He gets tied out in the barn for long periods of time and bawls. He then either escapes or is turned loose again and heads for my place, jumps in the fence. My worst fears were realized this past Saturday night when he became entangled in the fence by his hind leg and hung for about 10 - 15 minutes before we found him. His leg was wrapped so tightly in the wire we had to cut the wire with cutters. We decided then and there we were not going to take him home again, and that they could come looking for him. This was around midnight. They did not come all day Sunday. I soaked his leg with betadine, then Epsom salts. On Monday morning I took him to my vet. His leg was quite swollen but will be just fine. He was vaccinated for rabies and had a negative heartworm test. He was given antibiotics as a preventative measure for his wound and heartworm preventative. The vet diagnosed him with "Entropen Eyes" and said he needs corrective surgery. He also has two broken teeth that need to be extracted. He is very quiet for a coonhound and has a very gentle demeanor. Excellent house manners and housebroken. Listens and obeys very well. He shows very obvious signs of physical neglect and abuse. The vet estimated his age at around 4 years. At this point I will foster him until we can find him a new home, with people that love him and take care of him. If he stayed where he was, it would be a constant difficult situation and just a matter of time before he hung himself again, with a possible worse outcome. It is obvious to me his new owner did not seek medical care for this newly acquired stray because of his swollen, weeping eyes. The vet said it could be painful for a dog, as well as his teeth. I am also aware that a vet will not treat a dog unless he is vaccinated. I would be willing to help with his medical bills. He is a very good looking dog." If you can give "Walker" a home, and the medical attention he needs, please contact Suzy@CompanionPetRescue.com.