Captain Hook


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What a lover this kitty is! And isn't he adorable?! He has been neutered and declawed. Well, when they declawed him they forgot one, so he has one claw in front! So although "Kitty Boy" is his official name...Captain Hook is a better description!

Kitty Boy likes to eat Science Diet Light Adult mixed with Science Diet Hairball Control. The hairball control is his favorite, so he eats this first and then begs for more! He is a little timid around men, but warms up. He has never been around dogs or kids. He likes to "knead" a lot against me, whether he's laying on my lap or "spooning" me in bed. LOL! He usually doesn't sleep in bed with me, but sometimes for attention he will come up, especially in the mornings when he thinks its time for me to get up and feed him. He has a cloth mouse that he is fond of and every now and again I catch him carrying it around in his mouth. His other favorite toy is the mouse that spins in a circle. He loves laying on shoes. He has been infactuated with any kind of shoe since I have had him. He loves to just lay on them like a bed. He is very vocal and won't stop until he is content with the attention I have given him. He is always in the kitchen when I am, and if he hears the fridge open, he's right at my feet. He also is a very loud purrer. He will lay for hours if you pet him for that long with his "motor" going the whole time. If you would like to add this fabulous kitty to your family, please email