NEW pictures and VIDEOS posted 12.23.08 here:

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PLEASE read this entire biography about Reba. There is a lot of information here that will help you decide if Reba is suitable for your home and family. NEW pictures and VIDEOS posted 12.23.08 here: Reba is a tiny (5#) female adult dog. This adorable little dog was left in the cold, in a crate with Carmen, on someone's doorstep. The vet estimates that she is 3 years old. She appears to be chihuahua pomeranian mix, perhaps. She is medium haired, with delicate thin long legs. Her tail curls. She has a pixie face. Reba is red, with a ruff of fur around her neck. She looks like a little bitty fox. She has a funny little personality, and talks quite a bit. She is protective of Carmen. She has become more social as she gets comfortable and trusts us more. She is interested in things, and interacts with us, which is a very good sign. She loves to have her belly rubbed. It appears that she may have been abused, or perhaps lived in a cage. It could be that she was simply very scared. She was afraid of lots of things and flinched when you reached out to pet her. She has adjusted nicely, and is excited to see us and enjoys sitting beside someone. She doesn't really like to be outside in the cold, but does better every time. She fights her leash, and will pop up and down like a jumping bean when she feels the resistance of a leash. She will potty when taken outside, and I consider her housetrained. She would, of course, need to be watched closely when she goes to a new home. Even a 100% housetrained dog will have an accident when in a new environment, with new sounds, people, schedules, and a new "potty door". She was very scared when I put her harness on her, but she does fine now. She eats well. My guess is that she has known hunger. She is eating a mix of Canidae kibble and Nutro small bites, available all the time. I do NOT think that Reba needs to be adopted together with Carmen. They play well together, but each are sweeter when they are separate. As a matter of fact, Reba doesn't really care for other dogs. She likes Carmen, but will snap at another dog if they are trying to play with her, or are being hyper. Reba went out on a trial adoption to be a companion playmate for another chihuahua. Although Reba tolerates other dogs, she doesn't PLAY. She's more of a lap dog, and would make a nice companion...she's just not going to play with toys. So if you are looking for a quiet companion for a small quiet dog, she would be great. If you are looking for a small companion dog for yourself, she would be great. She would even be a nice companion for a cat. But if you are looking for a little dog to play fetch or run around with squeaky toys, she's not what you are looking for. I will also not adopt her to a family with very small children, because statistics show that tiny dogs get dropped by small children far too often. Reba is a TINY dog, and should not be carried around by a little child who is still working on their own coordination. Her adoption fee is based on her vetwork, which is currently $135. She has tested negative for heartworms, been spayed, vaccinated, and wormed. She is on preventative for flea/tick/heartworm . She is active, friendly, and wags her tail. She will also give kisses and will lick your hand. She just needs some time and a lot of TLC. We will update Reba's online biography often, and post new pictures as well. Our adoption process is explained by going There, you can fill out on online application and read about our rescue philosophy. If you have any questions, you can email