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Check out Cassie's online picture and video album here, at Cassie's Online Album.

UPDATE: In my opinion, Cassie's perfect home would be adult only, or a family with children over 10 years old, with no other pets. I say this because Cassie is such a people oriented dog. She LOVES people. But she is big, and has a very hard tail! She wags it very hard, and although she doesn't mean to hurt me, the wagging is kind of painful on my bare leg. I can only imagine how that would feel on a child's face or little body, if she was wagging her tail around them. I do not have any small children at my house. With regards to other pets, she does just fine with my dogs when they are walking around and living together. But when my beagle mix wants to play, Cassie doesn't seem to understand "play growl", and I am not 100% sure that she doesn't have prey drive. She does chase my cat, so I will not place her with a home with cats. She's a big dog, and so very friendly. But she's not perfect for every home. It's my job to find her PERFECT home, where everyone will be happy.

About Cassie....

Cassie is quite the silly and fun-loving dog! She is about 2 years old, housetrained, and crate trained. Although she weighed just under 50# when she came to us, I believe her ideal weight to be about 55-60#. That's more of a "medium" size dog, but we are calling her "large", because she ACTS like a large dog. There is something decidedly large about her behavior. So it you are wanting a LARGE dog personality, but don't have room for a large dog, Cassie is the dog for you! She has a huge head, a big dog stance, and a big, thick tail that wags hard and fast. And she's a bed hog!

We don't really know what Cassie's breed is, but she is very muscled and tall, like a Ridgeback, but without the actual ridge of fur that runs backwards. She has short, but thick, fur that is that strawberry blonde color. She does have a wide face, and a smile, that is often associated with a bull terrier. She was listed as a lab/ridgeback mix at the shelter. She could certainly have lab in her, but the way she moves seems more like a Dane. She's got that very funny ear that tends to stand up, making her look extremely silly. She LOVES to roll around on her back in the grass and leaves.

Cassie is very in-tune with people. She would be so happy to have a person or family to call her own. Although she does okay with our dogs, I think she would rather have us all to herself. She has snarled at my dog Dixie when Dixie interrupted her cuddle time with me. She does like to play, although she would rather lay on you than do anything else!

Cassie does GREAT in the house, and is definitely a companion house dog. She is NOT an outdoor dog. She likes to play outside, but wants to be with people. She is (very) housetrained, and has good manners. She's big enough to stick her head in my trash can, but when I told her to "leave it", she responded quickly by walking away from the trash can. I leave her in a bedroom during the day while I am at work. She has not chewed anything, and does not seem inclined to be destructive. Of course, all dogs need interaction, and any dog can get bored. But Cassie has not shown any signs of that. She loves to go outside when I get home, but she just walks around with me, does her business, then heads back to the door. She knows it's treat time, and goes straight to the shelf where the treats are. Then she follows me around every where I go. I fold laundry, she watches. I take out the trash, she follows. I sit down, and she sits on top of me. LOL. She's just a great companion. She WANTS to be someone's buddy.

As I mentioned, Cassie has a big, thick tail that she wags freely and often. Because of this, and her sheer size, I don't think she would be a good choice for small children. She's forever wagging her tail in my beagle's face, and I can picture her wagging that tail in a little child's face!

Cassie had heartworms and was in a high-kill shelter. She had the heartworm treatment and is doing great. The treatment involves two extremely painful shots. They give one shot the first day, and the second shot the next day. The shots were given to her in her back muscles, and there is a patch of hair that was shaved for the first shot. You may see that spot in her pictures. Although most dogs exhibit some type of soreness and tenderness in the area of those shots, Cassie seemed to have no trouble at all. Her energy level has remained constant, and she is a very happy girl.

Cassie reminds me of a Great Dane in her silliness. She loves to roll around on the ground, and she dances like Scooby Doo when it's treat time. She gives hugs and snuggles. She loves to flop on the couch.

If you would like more information about Cassie, please email, or call Suzy at 816-550-0826. Cassie is a great dog, and she would make someone a really great lifetime companion.