Adoption Pending


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 UPDATE: McKinley has gone out on a trial adoption. Adoption Pending.

McKinley is an extremely sweet Great Pyrenees dog who is approx seven years old.  She loves kids, likes to snuggle, and is very healthy, with the exception of skin allergies....she will get hot spots if she doesn't eat prescription Science Diet Z/D.  It does take her a couple of weeks to completely warm up to other dogs, though if introduced properly she has always warmed up.  She has no interest in our cats whatsoever.  :o)  She MUST have a fenced yard, as Great Pyrs love to roam (we found her on the side of a country highway in very rough shape).  She needs to be part of the family...Pyrs, by nature, bark and dig if left outside to their own devices.  She would prefer to be a lapdog on the couch or sleep in bed with you if you'll let her!

She will make a wonderful addition to the right family.  McKinley is housebroken & crate trained...but she would prefer to never go in her crate.  :o)  She will go in begrudgingly at the command "Go Kennel", but will often stand with her nose at the door wanting to come out.   The only reason we have a kennel set up for her is that she has a slight bit of separation anxiety.  If we leave her in the house, out of her kennel, while we're gone she will pace & worry...and often eventually poop in the house.  :o/  If she's in her kennel she's fine.  She's also afraid of thunderstorms.  She's never freaked about either to the point of being destructive, but she'll just pace & whine & fret the whole time.
She'd do great for someone who wants a quiet companion & is going to be home most of the time.