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Update:  Peaches is out on a trial adoption.

Peaches' online photo and VIDEO album...

Peaches is a fabulous 9 month old calico kitty.  She's so easy to have around loves to be petted and talked to.  She's a nice, quiet little companion, without being a pest.  I've had her at my office, and she comes out to greet people almost immediately.  She doesn't seem to be afraid of anything, once she figures it out.  She responds well to people.  She's very friendly. 

Peaches likes to lay around, and enjoys sleeping on my computer printer.  I'm sure it's warm up there.  She's very pretty, and will be a medium sized kitty.  She will talk to you, if you talk to her, but isn't noisy or insistent about her conversations.

She sleeps in our bedroom, but not on the bed.  Although, I think if we didn't have a dog on the bed, I think she might sleep with us.  She's not afraid of dogs, but that particular dog her affection and desire to play.  I can't say that I blame Peaches for staying clear! 

Peaches uses her litterbox perfectly, and is eating Nutro kitten kibble.