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Betsy is a sweet 10 week old puppy.  She appears to be a Border Collie/Basset mix, with the coloring of a Border Collie, but the short hair of a Basset.  Her feet are wide like a Basset, and she has a "hound-y" face, with jowls that promise to hang as she gets older.  She's not terribly coordinated, but she does go up and down the stairs.

Betsy seems very smart, and will squat quickly when we take her out.  If I walk around with her just a minute, she will also poop.  Of course, she is a PUPPY, and is nowhere near being "housetrained".  She will need a place to stay during the day that will be safe from her puppy accidents, and she will need to be crated at night until she gets old enough to "hold it".  She will need to be taught manners.  I cannot stress enough that she is a PUPPY.  Puppies take a great deal of time and patience.  Please consider this before considering bringing a puppy into your home.

More pictures (I apologize for the poor quality) and VIDEOS here....

Betsy will be spayed on 2.3.09.