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 Are you a Great Dane lover? Email us to come meet Dozer. He is a 3 year old male, born in March of 2006.

Dozer loves to cuddle on the couch with us. He is used to sleeping on the couch at night, or he sleeps on a full size bed in the spare room. He does not like to lay on hard surfaces. He is a gentle giant that loves attention. He will let you know if someone is out front of the house, or if someone is at the door. His bark not only alerts you that someone is here, it is also a deep enough bark that if anyone comes to the house with ill intent, they would sure not try and get in the house. When Dozer is in the backyard he loves standing up on the 6 foot fence and looking over to see what is going on. He grew up with a chihuahua and an english mastiff. He can be territorial, but only when it comes to his food, or his chew toy. He loves rawhide bones, but if you give him one, let him finish it. He doesn't like giving up his delicious treats. We got Dozer when he was 6 weeks old. He is up to date on his vetwork and shots. All records are available. Dozer needs an environment where he has room to play outside, but also has a comforting house where he can spend his lazy days. He is not one to want to stay outside all day. He likes to be with his owners when we are home. He is completely house broken. When he has to go, he goes to the back door and stays there until we let him out. When he is ready to come back in he taps the door to let us know he his there. His owners truly love Dozer, and hate the idea of letting him go. Only serious dane lovers please. For more information about Dozer, please email