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What is a "Courtesy Post"?  Occassionally, we get a call from someone that needs to rehome their companion pet, for one reason or another.  Perhaps there has been a major change in the home...the addition of family members, loss of a family member, or some other extraordinary event that suddenly leaves a companion pet without their family.  These are exactly the scenarios that brought about "Courtesy Posts".  Since we are a limited-intake rescue, and are often at capacity, we seldom have room for new fosters.  However, we can still help.  Generally speaking, for a Courtesy Post, the owner or caretaker of the companion pet keeps the pet and cares for him or her.  Meanwhile, CPR will post the pet online, with pictures and biographical information, if it is available.  In this way, potential adopters can find the companion pet, and vice-versa. 

Let's face it, looking on "craigslist" or in the "classifieds" can be a scary prospect, and there are some very strange people looking for pets for all the wrong reasons.  This is an option for some situations, and we've had excellent success.

There is no charge for this service, it's just a way for legitimate companion pet owners to find legitimate homes.  We do not extend this courtesy to just anyone, and certainly not to breeders or hoarders.  If you have a pet that you need to relinquish, you can fill out our Relinquish Questionnaire, which will help us work together to find your pet a new home.

We do require that all courtesy post pets are up to date, spayed/neutered, and healthy.   We do not charge an adoption fee, but leave reasonable adoption fees up to the individuals involved.  We do not encourage "free" pets.  As an option, the parties can agree upon a donation to Companion Pet Rescue, in lieu of an adoption fee.  By doing this, it gives the pet owner some proof that the adopter is serious, while helping us continue our mission.  We feel like Courtesy Posts are a win-win service for the companion pet.

If you are interested in one of our Courtesy Post pets, please email me at  I will forward your email to the owner/guardian of the pet.  In some cases, we can also assist with transportation and completing vetwork.