De Gallo

Adopted with Pico


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Pico and De Gallo were sent out together on a trial adoption on 8/26/08 to Kay and her family.  I got this email just two days later:  "The kittens have made their way into the hearts of all of us here. They have been providing entertainment as they bounce around the living room. We are ready to sign the adoption papers!"  I LOVE IT when they get adopted together!  Congratulations Kay and Family.  Pico and De Gallo are such lovely little kittens.

De Gallo's pre-adoption bio...

More pictures of De Gallo, and her sister Pico are here...  De Gallo is a 6 week old female torti point siamese kitten. 

This sweet little puffball is going to be gorgeous!  She has a soft meow--more of a squeak, actually.  She has superior arching and hissing skills, and loves to chase little foam balls.  She has medium hair.

She and her sister, Pico, will be ready in about a week, pending their spay/neuters.  They will each have 1 vaccination, worming, and bordetella.  They are too young for their rabies, but arrangements can be made to finish this vetwork, as well as additional vaccinations