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Delilah is one shiny black lab!  She is about 3 years old, spayed, vetted, and weighs about 70#. 

When Delilah came in to rescue, she had a horrible neck wound that required a lot of stitches and extra TLC.  She is all healed and ready for a collar that says "I belong to someone".  She's a great dog and wants to please.

She is housetrained and crate trained.  Although she sleeps in a crate at night, she would sleep great on a bed....if you don't mind a bed hog!  She would also sleep on the floor if you asked her.  She's so sweet, and appears to be very trainable.  She doesn't like to be naughty, because she doesn't like being yelled at.  It makes her sad, and she'll find someone to curl up next to (or in their lap) until she gets her self esteem back.  She knows "sit", "down", "come", "kennel", "no", and "back off".   And, of course "Wanna treat?".  They learn that pretty quickly.

Delilah is great with other dogs and cats, and would do well around children.

She is eating Science Diet adult kibble.  Her adoption fee is $146, which is her vetwork.  If you would like to meet Delilah, or have any other questions about her, please contact