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Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a list of commonly asked questions.  If you have another question, or need additional information, please don't hesitate to contact Suzy@CompanionPetRescue.com. 


Q.  What is your address?  When can I come see what you have available?

A.  We are not a public shelter, with animals in cages lined up for you to peruse.  We do not have "open" hours.  Our foster animals are living in foster homes throughout the city, from as far north as Kearney, MO to as far south as Garden City, MO.  Our foster pets live with us, in our homes, as members of our family.  We do this for THEIR benefit, not to make it difficult for you to meet them.  As a matter of fact, for your convenience, we generally bring the pet to your home, so you can see how they relate to your family, in your home.  We do not always meet at your home, but we try to be easily accessible and will work with you on scheduling a time to meet. 

Q.  Is this animal still available?

A.  All of our available animals are posted online at www.CompanionPetRescue.com/availablecompanionpets, www.Petfinder.com, and www.AdoptAPet.com.  In addition, Adopt a Pet also electronically forwards their postings to other online rescue websites.  We update each website every day, with "Current Status".   

Q.  If an animal's Current Status says "Adoption Pending", are they still available?

A.  "Adoption Pending" means that someone has been approved to adopt that particular pet.  It means that we are communicating with a potential adopter about setting an appointment for a "Meet & Greet", during which time the pet may go out on a Trial Adoption.  We will continue to take applications for the pet until the adoption is final and a contract is completed.  

Q.  If an animal's Current Status is "Out on Trial Adoption", are they still available?

A.  "Out on Trial Adoption" means that an approved adopter has that particular pet in their home for a trial adoption.  We will not make appointments for anyone else to meet that pet during this time.  We will continue to take applications for the pet until the adoption is final and a contract is completed.  There will be a waiting list, until that time. 

Q.  What is the adoption fee?

A.  We do not have a set adoption fee.  Our adoption fee is based on each pet's actual vetwork and expenses.  In most cases, if a pet's vetwork is very high due to illness or surgery, we will cap the adoption fee at $200.  The balance of the vetwork is donated by one of our volunteers, or one of our generous sponsors.  In some cases, when a pet is sponsored, the adoption fee is simply a donation in the amount of your chosing.  That money will go into our account and be used for the next "capped" adoption fee.  Donations are so important to rescue.  Companion Pet Rescue is made up of non-paid volunteers doing this in their "spare time".  None of our volunteers get paid, nor do they have any financial gain from adoption fees or donations.  In fact most are generous sponsors of our small rescue.

Q.  Is my adoption fee a charitable donation that I can claim on my taxes?

A.  At this time, your adoption fee is not a tax deductible donation.  We have applied for status as a 501(c)3 Charitable Corporation.  The application was tedious, but it is complete and in the hands of a legal company.  The approval process takes time.  The legal costs were donated by a sponsor, not taken from adoption fees.  We expect IRS approval around the beginning of 2009.

Q.  Is this pet neutered/spayed?

A.  In almost every case, the answer is yes.  The ONLY time a pet is not already spayed or neutered when adopted is if the pet is not at the proper weight.  In that case, it would be a health risk to anesthetize the pet for surgery.  In these cases, a Spay/Neuter contract is used, and must be completed within 6 months of the adoption for puppies and kittens.  Adult dogs and cats must be spayed and neutered before adoption.  In addition to spay/neuter, each pet has had their annual rabies shot, annual breed vaccination, annual bordetella, flea preventative, age and breed appropriate testing, and wormer. 

Q.  Do you adopt out of state?

A.  Yes, but you must come see the pet before we will transport the pet to you.