Foster Homes

A huge commitment of your time and heart.


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When we first started fostering, it was to fill an empty place in our home left by the death of Annie.  We knew we had a good home and lots of love to give.  We had no idea the joy and pain we would feel by fostering an animal. 

Fostering is an immediate and physical way to help an animal in need.  For us, we bring one animal at a time into our homes.  The first need is physical.  Are they hurt, hungry, sick?  Medical care and nutritious food is of utmost importance.  Once their physical needs are met, we socialize them, train them, and help them to learn (sometimes for the first time) to trust and love people.  It's impossible to do this without loving them back.  It's the most rewarding thing I've ever done.  It's also the most heartbreaking thing I've ever done.  I become emotionally attached to each foster animal in my home, so it is very hard to let them go.  By letting them go, however, I open a space for the next animal in need. 

To be a foster home for Companion Pet Rescue, we require that you be within your community's legal limits.  It is important to us that your home is clean and that you represent our group with professional dignity.  We require that you maintain records for each and every animal in your care, including basic information, all vetwork, and comments regarding the personality of each animal, as well as your opinion of their perfect adoption scenario.  These records will be updated and available for access by anyone in the group.  A medical schedule will be provided and must be followed by the foster mom. 

If you are interested in being a foster home, or helping a foster home, please fill out our foster home application