Fozzie Bear



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New Pictures and VIDEOS added 11-21-08!!!

When Fozzie Bear first came to us, he was very withdrawn, would not eat in the presence of people, and needed quite a bit of vetwork.  He has been abused, and the haunted look in his eyes is starting to fade.  He is becoming interested in his surroundings, and interacts with other dogs.  As you can see by the pictures, he doesn't seem to mind cats, either!!

Looking into Fozzie Bears timid little face, you cannot help but feel sorry for this tiny little fluff that has been so mistreated and neglected. 

Fozzie Bear is a 3 1/2 year old, 5 pound, cream colored, male poodle.  He came to us from a gentleman that quickly realized that he had purchased an abused poodle, but felt unqualified to help this little poodle regain trust and security.

Fozzie is a sweet and calm little boy.  He does have anxiety and will need a slow and patient home. 

Fozzie had surgery on 11/10/08 to remove 6 teeth, trim his nails back to an acceptable length, as well as being neutered.  That is quite a bit for a little dog to go through, and we will be giving him time to recover while we learn more about him. 

He is very sweet and enjoys playing with other dogs.  He appears to be housetrained. He has been sleeping in a little doggie bed on our bed.  He sleeps all night, and hardly moves a muscle.  He does not bark or whine when left in his kennel.  As a matter of fact, the only peep I've heard from him is a little bark while he was sleeping.  He is currently eating Canidae canned food, and could stand to gain a little more weight.