Ginger Pye

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Went from living a living the dream!

As you may have already read, we are pulled towards animals that have been abused.  We feel like they need us. 

Ginger Pye was definitely one of those.  When I first heard about her, she was at a local animal shelter, past her time and running out of chances.  She had been adopted out of that animal shelter, but returned for unknown reasons.  That's a double mark against her, and she was so lucky to still be alive.  The animal shelter said she was growly and lashed out at the door of the cage when someone walked by.  It didn't surprise me, when I showed up to find her in a very small bottom cage, solid metal on the floor and all walls except for the cage door, which was bars.  She was on the floor, only able to see the legs of people passing by.  With no where to hide and no where to retreat, of course she growled when a face appeared.  We were able to spend some time with her in another room, where she could run and jump and have a little freedom.  You know what?  When she got out of that cage, she became a whole new dog!  She wanted to play.  She wanted to fetch.  She wanted to be social.

Of course we pulled her from the shelter and took her home to foster.  I told my husband I would "just go see".  He was not the slightest bit surprised when I brought her home.  As a matter of fact, we were all delighted to learn that this dog, quickly renamed "Ginger Pye" was not only social, but friendly and fun and extremely snuggly.

That's not to say that she didn't have issues.  When my husband took off his pants after work, pulling the belt out before putting his pants in the laundry...Ginger Pye would hide under the bed and cry.  If I flicked the cord while vacuuming...Ginger Pye would cry and run from the room.  I would find her under the bed, unwilling to come out even with the most sincere promise that she would not be beat ever again.  She was terrified in the car, standing on my lap, sweating through the pads of her feet.  It still brings tears to my eyes when I think about the stress of what she was going through.  

You can't go through that with an animal--or human--and not fall in love.  I took Ginger Pye to dog training, where she learned to let other people pet her and was very good at clicker training.  I took Ginger Pye to work with me, where she learned that the mailman would always bring her a treat.  I took Ginger Pye on vacation with us, where she was able to run in the open fields as far and as fast as her feet could take her.  But she didn't run away.  She had learned to trust us.  

When the time came that we felt Ginger Pye was ready, we found her a fabulous new home.  She has another doggie buddy named Cocoa.  She has a great fenced yard.  Most of all, she has people that love her and understand that she's scared sometimes.  

No...most of all, we get to babysit when they go out of town and can't take her with them.  That's the best.