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More pictures of the beautiful Jenna can be seen here...

Adoption Pending....Jenna is a beautiful, fluffy-white, 3 month old female purebred American Eskimo puppy.  Her birthday was 6/26/08.  Her brother, Balto, is also available, and they can be adopted separately.  These puppies came to us from an owner that bit off more than she could chew.  A single puppy will test the patience of a saint, and is very time consuming.  Getting two puppies, siblings, was simply too much for her.  That said, I have had no problem with these two puppies.  I wait for them to sit, which they do.  I give them equal access to my lap, which they love.  I leash them on retractible leashes and walk them together, which they do as well as my adult dogs. 

Balto and Jenna are typical puppies, with energy and puppy exuberance.  They are doing well on housetraining and know "sit" and perhaps "come".  They are eating well and have moments of super excitement as well as moments of lap time.  They do not appear to mind their crates, and sometimes go in there to relax or chew on a toy.  They have been sleeping on a futon in my rec room at night.  Although they are very young, they seem to have the ability to "hold it", and have done so two nights in a row.  When I put on their leashes and take them out, they go right to the grass and "circle" until they find their spot.

As with any puppy, they will need continuing socialization and training to help them become well behaved and social adult dogs.

Both puppies have a full coat of soft, white fur.  They received baths Friday, 9.26.08, and did fantastic.  Their eyes are bright and their ears are perky.  Their tails are both curled, but Jenna's tail curls tighter than Balto's.  They are happy to greet you, and will settle and sit if you wait a moment.  They enjoy toys and like to play tug.  They are good with other dogs, but bark when play gets overwhelming.  They quiet when I say "that's enough".  They are both responding to "no" and are very smart.

American Eskimos, "Eskies", are known for their desire to please their owners.  Balto and Jenna are exceptionally attentive and respond well to us, looking to us for approval and what to do next.  They go "this way" when you tell them, and will return to you (on leash) after checking out the nearby sights and sounds.  Eskies are very quick and need a fenced yard or leash.  Eskies are indoor companion pets. 

I believe these puppies will be 25-30# as adults.  They are eating Canidae kibble.  Their adoption fee will be based on our expenses, which includes spay/neuter, rabies, flea/tick preventative, worming, vaccinations, and anything else that comes up.  I estimate those costs to be between $120 and $150 (a spay costs more than a neuter).  There is a contract.  They had their spay/neuter on Monday 9/29, and are now available.  I will bring them to your home for a visit. 

If you have other questions, please email me at  If you are interested in adopting one or both of these puppies, please send me an email telling me about yourself and your family; tell me about other pets in your home; tell me about your pet experience; and give me your vet's contact information.  I will check vet references.