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Missy went out on 9/5/08 for a trial adoption to Jessica and her family.  Although she didn't eat much the first day, Missy is now eating and being friendly to the resident humans.  She's still not sure about the resident dogs, though!  I expect she will warm right up to them, as well.


Missy is a very sweet, declawed 5 year old brown tabby female.  Poor little Missy is looking for a new home because her owner passed away.  Missy was a beloved pet, but now she's lost her human mom and no one is quite sure what to do with her.  We don't know very much about her, except that she is very friendly, indoor, and gets along with children and Buddy the dog.   And when I had to give her a bath, she was sweet and tolerant!  Lovely girl, with the most unusual beautiful tabby and torti markings.