Jane Doe aka "Beep"


(at 5 weeks)

(Update!  10.25.08)

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Little Beep is all settled in her new home, and doing great.  She's growing and developing into quite a little terror, I think.   I'm thrilled that she's got such a great home. 


More pictures and VIDEOS here... http://s286.photobucket.com/albums/ll116/CompanionPetRescue/Jane%20Doe/

This will be updated often.  The most recent information is listed first.

 New Pictures added 9.17.08!!

Hi!  My name is Suzy and I am Jane Doe's foster mom.  I have received many phone calls and emails in the last week.  I will attempt to answer many of the repeat questions here.  You would not believe some of the strange emails I have received.  It goes without saying that she would not be suitable snake food.

We call her "Beep Beep", or "Beep", for short.    She does respond to it.  Certainly her name can be changed, but you may want to consider a name that sounds familiar to her.  "Phoebe", for instance. 

Beep is still with me, and I am making a list of potential adopters.  She will not be truly adoptable until the first week of October, because she is so very small and young.  We estimate that her age will be about 8-9 weeks, at that time.  I am currently taking names and learning about potential adopters. 
If you are interested in adopting Beep, please send me a detailed email about you and your family and home life.  Tell me where she will stay during the day, how long she will be alone, and where she will sleep at night.  Tell me where she will be if you go out of town or on vacation.  Tell me what other animals you have in your home, and if they are up to date on vetwork.  I will not respond to one-line emails asking "is she available and how much is she?"   To be added to her list of potential adopters, I will also need to know the name and phone number of your vet.   I will continue to update her website until I decide on the right home for Beep.  She is not available to be seen until she has two vaccinations, the first was 9/10, the second 9/24.   I will make calls to set up appointments for Beep and I to visit your family at your home the weekend of 9/27/08.  When I have met with the most suitable applicants, I will make a decision based on what I think is the best fit for Beep.  It's so important to me that this is a forever home.  Please understand that there are a lot of crazy people out there, and I want to make sure Beep doesn't end up in a bad situation.  I spend a lot of time checking out potential adopters and driving all over the city to meet them. 
At the time of adoption, we will figure up the vet costs we have spent.  That will be her adoption fee.  So far, we have $89 of vetwork.   Of course, any additional donation you would like to make to rescue is always welcome.  Every little bit helps us continue to save pets like Beep.  I just got an email offering to place a "bid" for her.  I will not auction her off to the highest bidder. 
The rest of Beep's vetwork (including spay, rabies, 2 more DHPPCVK puppy vaccinations, and 1 more Bordetella vaccination) can either be done by CPR, (for which I can give you a cost estimate) or can be completed by whomever adopts her (at whatever expense your vet charges).  The vetwork must be done.  Proof of vetwork will be obtained, and if it is not completed, I will come and take her back.  It is part of our legally binding adoption contract.  Vetwork is important to Beep's continued well being, and completion of this vetwork is part of being a responsible pet owner.  No exceptions, and we do not allow "the natural approach" to vaccinations.
If you have been following her updates on our website, Petfinder, 1-800-Save-A-Pet, or another of the online rescue post sites, you probably know just about everything about her.  I personally update her site with new info and pictures.  I try to do that often. 
Beep came to us through a concerned person that found her and her brother on a walkway in the greenway where they live.  Her brother died before I could get there.  Beep was anemic, but improved quickly.  I never feared that I would lose her, because she seems very healthy, and responded well to TLC. 
I do have her on some homeopathic suppliments.  I've never been one to use homeopathic remedies, but I recently had a foster puppy with parvo.  As you may know, Parvo is very deadly, and support care (fluids, comfort) are the most important thing.  If you would like to read more about this experience, you can go to Dixie's blog, here http://dixie-dog.blogspot.com/.  The Parvo post is at the bottom.  Because of that experience, I do use suppliments of this nature.  It certainly doesn't hurt, and if it helps...then I'm all for it!
Many people ask "how can you bear to give her away?"  It is very difficult to love a little animal, nurture her, then find a home for her.  I spend a great deal of time with my fosters, and I try to give them as many kisses as they will tolerate.  My heart is broken with every adoption.  Yes, this is very personal for us.  For this reason, we require updates and emailed pictures.  These updates mean the world to us, and keep us going...to rescue the next little one that needs us.  That's why we do this.  There's certainly no money in rescue, and it takes all my extra time and energy.  I drive so many miles...you wouldn't believe it!  The only reason we do this is because they need us.  As much as I love Beep, she will be adopted the best home I can find for her.
9-12-08  Beep is really doing great.  She went to the vet on 9/10 for vaccinations and had no problems.  She is walking forwards much better now.  Hardly any stumbling!  Although, backwards is still a popular option for her.   She is putting on about an ounce a day!  She now weighs 1 pound, 6 ounces, and eats like a horse.  She is eating California Natural canned food, as well as Innova canned puppy food.  She has about 6 teeth poking through her gums, and likes to chew!  I'm sure it feels good.
Beep is definitely a terrier.  Or perhaps the term is "terror".  She's so much fun to play with and she is a real "go getter".  She has a little playmate now...a 3 week old bottle baby kitten.  She also gets to play with a teenage kitten (6 months old), and my personal dogs.  She plays well with Dixie, who likes to play "Momma dog".  She crouches and crawls around our labrador, which is a submissive behavior.  I believe she will get along well with other dogs and cats, although she has a particular fondness for eating cat tails.  That might be a little obnoxious to the cat that owns the tail!
Beep's ears now stick up and her tail curls up over her back.
Beep sleeps great--especially after eating.  She sleeps through the night, then wakes up and wants to go out immediately.  I, of course, carry her straight outside, where she quickly potties and poops.  I also take her out after every nap and every 30 minutes of awake time.  She isn't old enough to "hold it", though, so she squats about every 15 minutes.  That's a puppy.  She has not been pottying in her crate, and that is a very good sign.
And speaking of her crate...she is very content in her crate.  She comes to work with me and sleeps very happily in her crate.  When she wakes up, she will often sit and play quietly.  I will look in there and see her happy little face bobbing around, perhaps just chewing on her own foot.  She will crawl into her crate during play time, when she gets tired and wants to go to sleep.    I will try to get more pictures posted today.  They are of Beep trying to chew the ear off of her little friend, the kitten. 
9-8-08  More pictures added!  Little Jane Doe is doing great.  She saw another vet on Friday, who thought she was a chihuahua mix, 4-5 weeks old.  I think we'll just have to wait to see what she turns into!  She's so cute, I don't think it will matter!  I have changed her "adult size" from Medium to Small, based on canine growth charts.

She now weighs right at a pound, and is eating well and gaining coordination.  She seems very content with her crate, and will sometimes play quietly in there until I notice that she is awake.  She comes to work with me... playing some, eating several times during the day, and sleeping a lot.

9/5/08  3 new pics uploaded today.  We have a tooth!  It's just the very tip, but it's a pointy little thing!  So we're going to say she is 3 weeks old today, making her birthday 8/15/08. 

It's very difficult to get anything done with this little cutie around!  She's irresistable.  She growled while playing with Dixie last night.  What a cute little noise.  Grrr.

She continues to eat very well, and has started staying awake for longer periods of time.  She plays and prances around, then backs herself into a little cuddly spot for a nap.  This morning, after playing with Dixie, she crawled back into her crate (where she sleeps during the day and at night) and fell back asleep.  She slept through my blow drier! 

We weighed her today, thinking she had surely gained some serious weight, and it was only 14.2 oz!  We have deduced that the first weight must have been wrong...perhaps 12 oz, which the vet tech could have read as "1 lb 2 oz".

I've been calling her "Beep Beep" because of her superior backing up skills.

9/4/08  Jane Doe had her first visit to the vet yesterday.  He thought she was closer to 2 weeks old than 3 weeks old, since none of her teeth have erupted yet.  He also thinks she is way too small to be a Pit Bull, even though the coloring seems right.  "Maybe a Pit Bull with a Chihuahua!", he laughs.  So we're going to say she's a terrier mix, and I am guessing she will be about 20-30# as an adult.  It's hard to imagine right now!  She's so tiny.  The picture of her with a little brown dog...that's Dixie, a beagle mix, about 20#.  I just added that picture so you have something to compare her to.  Dixie is not available.

This morning when Jane Doe awoke, she showed us a little more personality.  She ran around (fell a lot) and seemed to actually play with her buddy, Dixie.  She's eating great, and her tongue and gums look much more pink today.  She has started to "chew" on my finger, so I'm guessing her teeth may be coming down.  When they erupt, that's when we'll call her 3 weeks old.

9-3-08  This little puppy was WAY too young when she was left to fend for herself.   We estimate that she is between 3 and 4 weeks old, and will not be adopted until she is at least 8 weeks old.

Her eyes are open, and her teeth are formed, but haven't erupted through her gums.  She mostly walks backwards right now, because she's better at it!  In "reverse", she walks backwards then sits.  In "forward", she prances, and falls over like a drunken sailor.

She is brindle all over except for a patch of white on her chest.   All four feet are white, as well.  She looks a little like a buffalo, with her black nose and muzzle and brown fuzz.  She is learning how to move her little ears, and it's very cute to watch them wiggle.  She currently weighs 1 pound, 2 oz.

This little baby was covered with fleas and little bitty ticks.  And she had round worms.  She's been bathed, sprayed with Frontline Spray, and wormed with Canine Drontal.   She looks and feels so much better now!  She will be treated again in 2 weeks.  She is eating California Natural canned food, mixed with formula.  She eats great, and has energy in between her naps.

She will not be adopted to anyone above their local number restrictions.  I will call your vet, and I will come out to your house.  I want this little girl to have a fabulous home with someone that wants an indoor companion dog.