Naomi (aka Tillie)


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Tillie was sent out on a trial adoption on 8/20/08.  She went to a lovely woman named Karen.  When I showed up, Karen had everything set up for little Tillie, including an AWESOME catnip mat she'd bought at Big Lots.  Tillie immediately made herself at home and explored her new apartment.  Karen called the next day, very happy with Tillie, saying she had woken up to "kitty kisses".  FABULOUS!!

New update!  Karen says "You couldn't have picked a better pet for me!"  It sounds like Karen and Tillie are a perfect match.  Yay!  Thank you, Karen, for giving her such a perfect home.

Tillie's pre-adoption bio...

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Her first night in our home, she curled up next to, on, and under my daughter and kept her company while she was curled up reading a good book.  She spent the night curled up between my husband and I, within licking distance of two dogs.  She complained about it the next morning, but I could tell she didn't really mind.  She's a talker, and would make a great companion. 

In all the time I have fostered cats, I have had 3 Lynx Point females.  All three have been very petite.  All three have had the loveliest personalities.  Whether it's the breed, or I just lucked new favorite type of kitty is a Lynx Point Siamese female!!

Naomi is such a companion pet.  Within hours of having her in our home, she had crawled on and bonded with every member of our family.  Including our other cat, and our dogs.  The dogs were not all that happy with her being so personal, but it was sure fun to watch!  She first bonded with my husband, but crawling up onto his shoulder and rubbing her face on his neck in a most satisfied manner.  Wow, I thought, she's decided that he's hers!  But sure enough, she proceded to make ALL of us into her personal slaves.

Naomi sleeps either between our pillows, or above my head on my pillow.  She's a fabulous little sleeper, although the first night she did a little "nuisance kneading".  That's what I call it when they knead on me while I'm trying to sleep.  Since that first night, though, she has settled in and sleeps really nicely.  She always sleeps on our bed.  Many nights, she spends some time grooming my little dog, then curls up beside the little dog to sleep.  She wakes when I do, and follows me to the bathroom where she sits on the vanity to help me get ready in the morning.  She is often watching out the window when I leave for work in the morning.

During the day, Naomi plays with our other cat, the dogs, and anything that will play back.  She caught a June Bug one morning and rolled around for an hour until she finally played it to death.  She will play with toys, but her favorite play toy is us.  She likes to find herself a nice sunny spot to take a nap.  One day, she was curled up taking a nap with a paw and her chin on my little dog's back.

Naomi has a great voice and excellent communication skills!  She will tell me all about her day when I walk in the door.  She keeps me company while I fold laundry, and if she gets left'll know it!  As you can see by the pictures, she also enjoys working on the computer, and fortunately has gotten into the habit of sitting BY the keyboard...not ON the keyboard. 

She is about 8 months old, so she has lots of kitten left in her.  Her body is very thin and petite, but I expect she will gain some weight with time.  She has huge blue eyes and a pointy head. 


If you are interested in adopting Naomi, email us at  We will set up a time for you to meet her.