Buttercup aka Zoom Zoom


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Buttercup has a sponsor, so her adoption fee is a minimal donation to Companion Pet Rescue.  Her vetwork is complete, and she is ready to have a family of her very own.

More pictures here... http://s286.photobucket.com/albums/ll116/CompanionPetRescue/Nastia/

New pictures added 9/8/08.

Buttercup was originally named Nastia, after the gymnastics she displayed when put in a wire carrier.  We renamed her Buttercup because she has such a sweet face.  She is a darling and engaging 7 month old brown and cream tabby bengal mix.  She is quite a talker, and would make a great companion cat for a family, couple, or single person wanting company.  She enjoys the companionship of other cats, dogs, and every human she encounters.  She doesn't appear to be afraid of anything.  My daughter calls her "Zoom Zoom" because she doesn't walk anywhere....she Zooms!  She has that very athletic bengal run, and loves to climb on her cat trees, where she perches and waits for you to catch up.  She may also be able to read minds.  When I even THINK about going into another room, she's already there, ahead of me, waiting.

Buttercup was very quick to make herself at home.  She nows owns our home, and everyone in it.  She is constantly rubbing against your legs and jumping up in your lap for love.  She purrs all the time, and has the most gorgeous big gold eyes.  Her fur is silky soft and her coat is stripey and spotty.  I hesitate to call her a bengal, but she does seem to have some of the bengal characteristics...the voice, the big personality, the big feet, the spots, the long tail and long legs.  She's very young, but I believe she will be a big kitty when she reaches adulthood.  She's very playful and affectionate.   It's fun to have her in our home, and she entertains everyone she is around.

She sleeps above my head, and is a wonderful nighttime sleeper.  She would rather be with you than anywhere in the whole world.  In the morning, she follows me as I do my chores and get ready for work.  She tells me all about her life and how she feels about what I'm doing.  In the evening, when she's not zooming, she likes to sit on the arm of my husband's chair, purring loudly and making herself the center of attention.

She has the loveliest disposition, and seems very happy.  She eats great and uses her litterbox perfectly.  She has a weakness for canned food, and got squirted with the waterbottle when she impatiently jumped on the cabinet to get some.  She immediately jumped down, and clearly throught twice about getting back up there!  She's a good girl, albeit a little bit silly.

If you are interested in adopting Buttercup, email us at ContactUs@CompanionPetRescue.com.  We will set up a time for you to meet her.