Sugar Baby



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Sugar Baby  is a purebred silver and white Shih Tzu, less than two years old.   She is crate and house trained, and such a sweet and compliant little girl.  She weighs about 13#.

Poor little Sugar Baby has been suffering from bladder stones.  She had surgery on Saturday, 10/25/08, to remove them.  They were large and there were quite a few, but she is doing great and healing nicely.  She is eating and drinking and moving around so much easier now.  For the next six months, she will need to be on Science Diet SD (canned only), which she loves.  After that, she will need to be on a diet that will help make sure she doesn't get bladder stones again.  Her food will need to be Science Diet WD or CD, or something holistic that is formulated for dogs prone to crystals in their bladder.  At this time, we believe Evo or California Natural may also be alternatives.

Sugar Baby would love to have a nice quiet home where she can sit beside someone  She wants to be with her people, and will sit quietly beside you.  She is a little shy around other dogs and is afraid of cats.  I think she would make a nice little companion for another small quiet dog.  She likes both women and men.  When she came to work with me, she would come out of her crate (which she loves) and greet everyone that came in the door.  She doesn't bark, just wags her tail and says "hi" with a happy smile.   No one can resist petting her and talking to her.

Her crate will come with her, because she really does see it as a safe place, and a sleeping place.  She will go in there for a nap or quiet time, and sleeps in her crate at night.  The door is seldom closed, because she will stay there on her own.

Sugar Baby is a really sweet girl and needs a home that will love her and treat her like the little darling that she is.  For more information, contact