Trial Adoption

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We're a little different kind of a rescue.  We generally only have one or two fosters at a time, and they live with us in our homes, as part of our families.  We feel like this gives us a really good chance to get to know them, so we can match them up with the right people.  And vice versa. 

It also means that we normally fall in love with our foster pet, which makes it even harder to let them go.  we generally do a "trial adoption" first.  That gives everyone a chance to meet and spend real time together, in your home.  Going to an adoption event is fine and there are many wonderful families that adopt really great animals that way.  But we really know our fosters, and it would be hard to adopt out one of my fosters to someone that just walked up and decided to adopt.  Again, nothing wrong with those type of situations, it's just not how we like to do it.  We want to know that the people adopting our foster animals were really looking for a pet, and that you went to some effort to look on the web and contact us.  That means something to us.  We really appreciate the time you took to write to us.  

 So the next step for us is a trial adoption.  It means something that you are able to truly see the pet, in your home, with your family (both human and animal!).  It helps you to see how they are all going to relate to one another.  That's why we do trial adoptions.  Then, after a day or two, we talk about any issues that might have come up.  If,after a week or so, you decide that you really want to adopt, then we do the contract and finish the paperwork.  We feel like that gives everyone the chance to really be sure.  We want everyone to be happy.