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There are so many ways you can help.  In every city of the world, there are animals in need.   There are rescues, humane societies, shelters, and individuals just trying to make a difference.  It can be very difficult to decide which group to support.  With corruption so prevalent in today's society, it can be a challenge to find a group that you trust with your donation.  For me, it's like when I'm stopped at a stop light and see a homeless person standing there with a sign that says "Homeless...Please Help".  Are they for real?  Or is his late model SUV parked around the corner?  I'm always torn.  If he's homeless, my ten bucks would really help him.  Unless it's just going to be spent at the local pub.  If he's not homeless, it's just another scam...and I'm the next sucker. 

When chosing a group to donate to, it's important to look at the mission statement of the group.  Do you agree with their overall philosophy?  Are they breed-specific, or generalized?  If you love a certain breed, you may want to find a rescue that focuses on rescuing that breed.  Are they "no-kill"?  A huge issue with many animal groups is euthanasia.  Do they euthanize for space, illness, or behavior issues?  At what point would you agree that euthanasia is appropriate?  This is an important question, and one to ask yourself before you determine who you want to support.  Another item of concern is knowing where your donation will go.  What are you wanting to support?  Find out where monetary donations go.  That's not too much to ask.  You can earmark your donation to go to something specific, whether it be a future fund, or an immediate need.

The first step is deciding to help in some way.  Whether it's time, money, or services, most animal welfare groups need help.  Donations of time can be fostering, helping a foster home, corresponding with potential adopters, getting the word out, seeking sponsors and event locations, or doing paperwork.  Money is always needed for vetwork, cleaning and office supplies, food, and medicines.  Services include vetwork, printing, transporting animals, cleaning, advertising, grooming, animal training, and entering data.  There are so many ways to help!

Whether you choose to help locally, nationally, or internationally, thank you for helping.  Without volunteers, donations, and adopters...rescue simply would not work.   



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