(taken 10.1.08) 

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Xander is adopted!! 


More pics here... http://s286.photobucket.com/albums/ll116/CompanionPetRescue/Xander/.  Current pictures just posted.   To adopt Xander, you must be able to drive to Kansas City to see him.  We have decided that sending him out with a rescue transport, or flying him to his new home, without previously meeting in person, is not the right choice for Xander or his foster mom. 

Xander is a year and a half old purebred Keeshond.  Keeshonds are Dutch barge dogs.  The name Xander is the Dutch version of Alexander.  He's so very beautiful, with lovely dark eyes and a gorgeous coat of fur.

He turned 1 year old on May 23rd so he's still just a big puppy...and furry, don't forget that!   Lots of fur!  They do blow fur a couple times a year but it's usually in big chunks and easy to clean up.  He cannot be left outside in the summer heat.  You also cannot shave this type of dog as their hair will never grow back right and it leaves their skin unprotected from the sun (very bad).  At home he has his own fan in addition to having the AC on, although I'm sure the fan isn't necessary.  He just likes it.  Keeshonds love the cold, including snow and ice.  They come to life being outside in the snow ... bounding all over the place. 

He is 'corralled' during the day and he does good (in an entryway with lots of room), but has to be reminded to go outside to potty if he's loose and busy in the evenings.  He's a goofball and a super sweet boy.  He has taken some obedience classes, and is very attentive. 

Xander needs a family, maybe with kids, to play with.  He has plenty of energy, but this type of dog adjusts to whatever activity level the family has.  So he does not need daily walks or anything.  A back yard to play in is good.  He won't be due again for his shots until after the first of the year.   He does not like his nails cut. 

Xander thinks he's a cat because he's never really known or been around other dogs, except for obedience class.  During class, he was friendly, non-agressive, and pretty laid back. 

See more information about his adoption process here... http://www.companionpetrescue.com/courtesyposts.