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If you've never had a companion pet, your life just isn't complete.  This isn't a "yard dog" or "house cat" that you feed and water and take to the vet.  This is a pet that makes a difference in your daily life, in tune with your moods and schedule.   A pet that shares your life in so many ways that they are truly part of your family.

To read about Annie, the dog that got us started, click here.

This rescue is not about placing lots of cats or dogs in forever homes.  It's about finding the perfect person...for their perfect pet.  Not to say that all of the people are perfect.  And certainly all of the pets aren't perfect.  But's perfect.  It fills a void in your heart and life. 

Sometimes you're looking for a very specific breed, because you've had experience with that breed and want one again.  Or perhaps you are looking for a "small brown dog" that will let your grandkids sleep on him.    You would be amazed at the animals in shelters, rescues, and humane societies.  Purebred, mixes, young and old, and everything in between.  They are just waiting for their perfect people to come get them. 

To read about Ginger Pye, the dog pictured above, click here.

If you are looking for a companion pet, please let us help you.  We may not have what you are looking for, but we know lots of other rescues.  There are so many animals in need, and it makes us so happy to see a pet in need get adopted by a person in need.  You see, for us, it really is about making the right adoption.  We want to be completely honest with you about what we have, and what we don't have.  We want to match you up with a pet that is compatible with your life.   We aren't interested in adopting a million animals a year.  We want permanent, successful adoptions.   

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